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Born This Way


Presenting a two person art exhibition


by Erin Dee and Brandon Lack.


Both artists are established painters whose work is collected internationally.


Their work explores color, imagination and unique interpretations of still life.


Erin and Brandon were both born with Downs Syndrome and the ability to express themselves visually. Their exquisite work communicates what language fails to say.

Reception: Feb 18, 2023. 4-7 PM


East Gallery, Silver St Studios. Houston, TX.


Hello, I am Erin!

Erin was born in 1986 in South Africa and spent her first 10 years going on safaris with her family which inspired her love of African wild life. The next 20 years were spent living in Europe, South East Asia and California. She moved to Houston, Texas in 2018.


Along the way she developed art skills and textile art skills. She became a master weaver in her seven years at Cedars of Marin in San Francisco. 

She was born with Downs Syndrome which put her outside main stream education and inside the world of special programs dedicated to art. Her artwork has been collected by people all over the world. She continues to weave at home and produces 15 yards of hand woven linen a year,  which is cut into tea towels and sold online every December.


Today Erin attends two local day programs, one for art and one community based. She works with her mom, artist Lynn Ennis, in a commercial studio at Sawyer Yards, Houston.

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